The Legend of Tarzan (2016) Rated PG-13

Tarzan has been in England for a while when he is called back to the jungle he knows to investigate a mining encampment. Starring Alexander Skarsgård, Rory J. Saper, and Christian Stevens.

This film tries to capitalize on the story of Tarzan, a story that most of us know from when we were young. It’s an interesting take; it starts after Tarzan has been living in England long enough to become civilized. He is then sent back to the jungle to investigate a mining encampment. This tries to modernize the story, making Tarzan confront social and political issues, but this is not the Tarzan we know and love. The film doesn’t just struggle with the story, it also struggles with the CGI and subplots. The CGI is so badly done it’s hard to watch, and the subplots just weigh down the main story. It’s a film that’s not worth the watch.

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