Amy (2015) Rated R

AmyA documentary on Amy Winehouse through archival footage. Starring Amy Winehouse, Lauren Gilbert, Juliette Ashby.

This film is interesting, to say the least. It tells the life story of Amy Winehouse’s rise to fame through the use of home videos. We see Amy first as a vulnerable girl who didn’t have the support she needed in life. As the film progressed, I got the feeling that she lived a very  self-centered life, doing whatever felt good to her. What other course did she have, though, once she found fame? Life had just been too hard; she couldn’t get away from her demons. It is quite obvious her family used her as a gravy train. They were not willing to help her, which they willingly admit. It is obvious that Amy had talent; she was just a lost soul. This cautionary film is sadly worth the watch.



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