Joaquin Phoenix

 Walk the Line (PG-13)

A chronicle of country music legend Johnny Cash’s life, from his early days on an Arkansas cotton farm to his rise to fame with Sun Records in Memphis, where he recorded alongside Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins.

 We Own the Night (R)

A New York City nightclub manager tries to save his brother and father from Russian Mafia hitmen.

 Gladiator (R)

A former Roman General sets out to exact vengeance against the corrupt emperor who murdered his family and sent him into slavery.

 Hotel Rwanda (PG-13)

Paul Rusesabagina was a hotel manager who housed over a thousand Tutsi refugees during their struggle against the Hutu militia in Rwanda.

 Parenthood (PG-13)

The Buckmans are a midwestern family all dealing with their lives: estranged relatives, raising children, pressures of the job, and learning to be a good parent and spouse.

 Two Lovers (R)

A Brooklyn-set romantic drama about a bachelor torn between the family friend his parents wish he would marry and his beautiful but volatile new neighbor.

 Reservation Road (R)

The lives of two families change forever after a fatal tragedy takes place on Reservation Road.

 Irrational Man (R)

A tormented philosophy professor finds a will to live when he commits an existential act.

 The Immigrant (R)

1921. An innocent immigrant woman is tricked into a life of burlesque and vaudeville until a dazzling magician tries to save her and reunite her with her sister who is being held in the confines of Ellis Island.

Synopsis by IMDB.

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Greatest Heroes of the Bible (NBC) Rated NR

An anthology of the events from the Old Testament. Starring Brad Crandall, Victor Jory, and Peter Mark Richman.

This series highlights the major events of the Old Testament. The episodes tell the stories of Moses, Daniel, Esther, Joseph, and Abraham. It’s not the grand production of other epic Bible films, but it is a brilliant production of the Old Testament stories. The acting is often hit or miss with each episode. That could be because the producers got the famous actors of the day rather than making sure they would be a good fit for the part. The same goes for the historical accuracy of the film, so the accuracy could be hit or miss. I believe the show is worth the watch, even with all its faults.

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New This Week on DVD, September 17, 2019

 Dark Phoenix (PG-13)

Jean Grey begins to develop incredible powers that corrupt and turn her into a Dark Phoenix. Now the X-Men will have to decide if the life of a team member is worth more than all of humanity. Starring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence

 Bodied (R)

A progressive graduate student finds success and sparks outrage when his interest in battle rap as a thesis subject becomes a competitive obsession. Starring Calum Worthy, Jackie Long, Rory Uphold

 Wild Rose (R)

A troubled young Glaswegian woman dreams of becoming a Nashville country star. Starring Jessie Buckley, Matt Costello, Jane Patterson

 Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (PG-13)

This artful and intimate meditation on the legendary storyteller examines her life, her works and the powerful themes she has confronted throughout her literary career. Starring Toni Morrison, Hilton Als, Oprah Winfrey

 Elementary: The Seventh and Final Season (TV-14)

A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City. Starring Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn

 The Good Fight: Season Three (TV-MA)

When Diane Lockhart’s life savings are lost, she must start from scratch at a new firm. Starring Christine Baranski, Rose Leslie, Cush Jumbo

 Love Takes Flight (TV-G)

Dr. Lizzie Beauman is a single mother and hospital administrator determined to improve the hospital’s conditions while also caring for her young daughter, Quinn. Lizzie is very type-A; organized and detail-oriented. But all that changes when new EMS pilot Charley Allen comes into the lives of Lizzie and Quinn. Charley challenges the constraints that Lizzie places on herself, especially, her fear of flying. Starring Nikki Deloach, Jeff Hephner, Barbara Niven

 Ken Burns’ Country Music (NR)

The story of the creation of modern Country music. Starring Dayton Duncan, Ken Burns

 Supergirl: The Complete Fourth Season (TV-PG)

The adventures of Superman’s cousin in her own superhero career. Starring Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh

 Modern Family: The Complete Tenth Season (TV-PG)

Three different but related families face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways. Starring Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen, Sofía Vergara

 Lethal Weapon: The Complete Third Season (TV-14)

A slightly unhinged cop is partnered with a veteran detective trying to maintain a low stress level in his life. Starring Damon Wayans, Keesha Sharp, Kevin Rahm

 The Curse of Oak Island: Season 5 (TV-PG)

Rick and Marty Lagina, two brothers from Michigan with a life-long interest in the mystery of Oak Island, renew efforts to discover the legendary treasure with sophisticated machinery. Starring Robert Clotworthy, Marty Lagina, Rick Lagina

Synopsis by IMDB.

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Aladdin (2019) Rated PG

A street urchin and a vizier both vie for a magic lamp that makes all your dreams come true. Starring Will Smith, Mena Massoud, and Naomi Scott.

I wasn’t impressed by Disney’s live-action remake. The songs are not memorable; they aren’t as strong as those in the animated version. Then you have the acting, which seemed a little stiff in the beginning. It was like the actors didn’t believe what they were saying. As the film continued, I was able to just enjoy the story even though it wasn’t the Disney classic. It’s missing something the animated version has – maybe heart, maybe better acting. It’s a film that is well-produced but definitely different from its animated predecessor, but that doesn’t change that the fact that the film is still worth a watch.

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Midway (1976) Rated PG

A drama surrounding the battle at Midway, which was the turning point in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Starring Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, and James Coburn.

Midway is a unique film that uses battle footage and real footage from the battle to help tell the story. The film brings the battle to life but also shows how battles were fought and won during this time. During war, there are always decisions made that cause people to live or die, especially your own men. This film shows the reality of war from the top. This is one of the classic war films, and it has some of the best historically accurate scenes. It also has some storylines that don’t really work, but it’s still a film worth watching.

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Wild Bear Rescue (AnimalPlanet) Rated NR

Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter is teeming with a record number of orphaned black bear cubs. It’s a family-run wildlife shelter that cares for orphaned cubs, rehab grizzlies, and any other wild animals that need help. We watch as they care for, protect, and release the animals in their shelter. Starring Angelika Langen, Peter Langen, and David Orth.

This show is amazing to watch. It follows two former zookeepers who started to take in orphaned bears. We watch as the owners care for these orphans and then release them when they are ready. The show also teaches us a little about the different animals they attend to. The Langen family works hard at rehabilitating these animals to be set free, and it shows. It’s a great family show, and it’s one that is worth a watch.

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Super Great Rooms (DIY) Rated NR

A team of designers makes use of a dysfunctional room and transforms it into a usable room. Starring Chip Wade.

This renovation show focuses on one single room and redesigns the room’s use for the family. It really doesn’t give us anything new. Although Chip Wade is fun to watch, he still didn’t bring enough to interest me in the redesigning of these rooms. It was interesting to see the concept of the room that Wade attempted to recreate. But while I don’t want problems to arise when remodeling a room, I really didn’t find that there was much to pull you into the transformation. This show is not worth a watch.

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New This Week in Theaters, September 12, 2019

Image result for The Goldfinch The Goldfinch (R)
Opens on Friday, September 13
Starring: Nicole Kidman, Finn Wolfhard, Sarah Paulson, Ansel Elgort

A boy in New York is taken in by a wealthy Upper East Side family after his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Image result for Monos poster Monos (R)
Opens on Friday, September 13
Starring: Sofia Buenaventura, Julian Giraldo, Karen Quintero, Laura Castrillón

On a faraway mountaintop, eight kids with guns watch over a hostage and a conscripted milk cow.

Image result for Hustlers Hustlers (R)
Opens on Friday, September 13
Starring: Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer

Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.

Image result for The Sound of Silence poster 2019 The Sound of Silence (NR)
Opens on Friday, September 13
Starring: Peter Sarsgaard, Rashida Jones, Tony Revolori, Austin Pendleton

A successful “house tuner” in New York City, who calibrates the sound in people’s homes in order to adjust their moods, meets a client with a problem he can’t solve.

Image result for Depraved Depraved (NR)
Opens on Friday, September 13
Starring: David Call, Joshua Leonard, Alex Breaux, Ana Kayne

A disillusioned field surgeon suffering from PTSD makes a man out of body parts and brings him to life in a Brooklyn loft.

Image result for Freaks poster 2019 Freaks (R)
Opens on Friday, September 13
Starring: Emile Hirsch, Bruce Dern, Lexy Kolker, Amanda Crew

A bold girl discovers a bizarre, threatening, and mysterious new world beyond her front door after she escapes her father’s protective and paranoid control.

Image result for Liam: As It Was Liam: As It Was (NR)
Opens on Friday, September 13
Starring: Liam Gallagher, David Adcock, Debbie Gwyther, Christian Madden

Documentary following musician Liam Gallagher, as he attempts to make a solo comeback.

Synopsis by IMDB.


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David and Goliath (1960) Rated NR

King Saul learns that war with the Philistines is inevitable, and David, the shepherd boy, will be King. Starring Orson Welles, Ivica Pajer, and Eleonora Rossi Drago.

This movie is poorly produced. However, Welles, who plays King Saul, is enjoyable to watch. Ivo Pajer, who plays David, looks older than the teen David of the story, but he’s still enjoyable to watch. The script does expand on the life of David; although, the story tends to follow Saul a little more than David. The film is not a good telling of the amazing story of David’s life and how he overcame the giant, Goliath. I thought the cinematography was good, and with Welles’ acting and Pajer’s good looks, the film was passable – but still not worth a watch.

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Superjail! (AdultSwim) Rated TV-MA

In a bizarre world, an eccentric warden and his odd staff run a maximum-security prison. Starring David Wain, Teddy Cohn, and Christopher McCulloch.

This show thinks it’s funny when people break the law. The show also twists the Alice in Wonderland story – not surprising, bring on the drugs. The series leans on the comedy of gross; we have blood and guts all over the place, and the show makers think this is hilarious. It is not. This show doesn’t bring anything good to the screen, and there’s no point to the story. It’s a TV show that’s only good at two am and is not worth a watch.

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