Her (2013) Rated R

In the future, a writer falls in love with an operating system. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Lynn Adrianna Freedman, and Lisa Renee Pitts.

This story is brilliantly told as a love story; if it had been a relationship between two humans, it would have been a lovely romantic comedy, but it isn’t. It’s between a human and a computer, which makes a little sense, as we surround ourselves with computers. How can we not love them? Especially when they know everything else about us and are able to create an environment we love. Although the story doesn’t dive into the depth of feelings and issues that would arise from this relationship, it does tell a wonderful romance story. It’s a film that is worth a watch.

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Attila’s Forbidden Tomb (SCI) Rated TV-PG

The tomb of Attila is discovered, and while they excavate the tomb, they discuss the life of Attila. Starring Gwyn Williams.

This is an interesting show. It starts with the excavation of a tomb believed to be Attila the Huns’. Then they recreate scenes of Attila’s life, telling his life story with an occasional interruption featuring scenes at the excavation site where they explain what they’ve found. It’s interesting to learn more about Attila the Hun, but the show is mostly speculation. I wouldn’t depend on the show to give accurate information, making it not worth a watch.

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Between (2015) Rated TV-14

In this Netflix original series, an unknown virus spreads through the small community of Pretty Lake, killing everyone over the age of 22. Now under quarantine to stop the spread, the youth and young adults of the town must navigate uncharted territory in the wake of uncertainty and disaster. Starring Jennette McCurdy, Jesse Carere, and Justin Kelly.

If you’re looking for something to fill your time while you shelter in place, this series may feel eerily familiar. While the fictional disease at the center of this series is somewhat unrealistic with its almost instant fatality, many of the questions and situations surrounding the characters mimic society’s current state. I wish they had developed a more realistic disease at the epicenter of this show; it’s almost laughable and over-the-top as they have it in the first two episodes. However, by the third episode, everyone over 22 is deceased, and we follow the younger generations as they try to grapple with a broken society, fear of the unknown, loss, and the ultimate question of whom to trust. If you can get past the ridiculousness of the disease that wipes out the older citizens of Pretty Lake, you may find this series worth a watch.

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New This Week in Theaters, April 2, 2020

HD]] The Other Lamb “ 123MovIes Full [VIDEO] ONLINE ENGLISH_DUB 2020 The Other Lamb (NR)
Opens on Friday, April 3
Starring: Michiel Huisman, Raffey Cassidy, Denise Gough, Eve Connolly

A girl born into an all-female cult led by a man in their compound begins to question his teachings and her own reality.

Synopsis by IMDB. 

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Up and Vanished (Oxygen) Rated TV-14

Based on Payne Lindsey’s podcast that follows leads in missing person cold cases. Starring Dylan Mattina, Bonnie Jean, Mark Krenik, and Payne Lindsey.

This one should have been a good show, but alas, it is not. The two hosts are annoying and rude. They don’t seem to know what they are doing, and they’re giving information to people who don’t need it. The host seems to antagonize the people he interviews while giving hope to the family looking for the missing person. While I do enjoy a good mystery, and this show is interesting, it’s too fixed in the outcome. This show is not worth a watch. 

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Weird Wonders of the World (BBCAmerica) Rated TV-PG

Members of BBC’s Life explain some of the weird phenomena that they have captured. Starring Chris Packham, Norman Rogers, and Amedee Brickey.

The show portrays some of the mysteries of nature. It is intriguing to discover what animals are capable of. It also lets us know that there are times that we invade animals’ lifestyles. There are times that they try to mislead you about what could happen or how the natural order happens, but it’s still intriguing enough to find the answers, even if it’s done in a dramatic way. This show is still worth a watch.


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New This Week on DVD, March 31, 2020

 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (PG-13)

The surviving members of the resistance face the First Order once again, and the legendary conflict between the Jedi and the Sith reaches its peak bringing the Skywalker saga to its end. Starring Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver 

 The Current War (PG-13)

The dramatic story of the cutthroat race between electricity titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to determine whose electrical system would power the modern world. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Oliver Powell, Katherine Waterston 

 Mr. Robot: The Complete Fourth Season (TV-MA)

Elliot, a brilliant but highly unstable young cyber-security engineer and vigilante hacker, becomes a key figure in a complex game of global dominance when he and his shadowy allies try to take down the corrupt corporation he works for. Starring Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Carly Chaikin

 The Purge: Season Two (TV-MA)

Set in an altered United States, several unrelated people discover how far they will go to survive a night where all crime is legal for 12 hours. Starring Gabriel Chavarria, Derek Luke, Hannah Emily Anderson 

 Midsomer Murders: Series 21 (TV-14)

A veteran Detective Chief Inspector and his young Sergeant investigate murders around the regional community of Midsomer County. Starring John Nettles, Jane Wymark, Barry Jackson 

 Spongebob Squarepants: The Complete 11th Season (TV-Y7)

The misadventures of a talking sea sponge who works at a fast food restaurant, attends a boating school, and lives in an underwater pineapple. Starring Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, Rodger Bumpass 

Synopsis by IMDB. 

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Jay Leno’s Garage (CNBC) Rated TV-14

In this show, we are invited into Jay Leno’s Garage to see his love of cars while discussing the history of motoring in America. Starring Jay Leno, Donald Osborne, and Tim Allen.

Each episode of this series has a special guest that drives around with Leno as they talk about their love of vehicles and the history of different cars. This show brings the comic Leno, talk show host Leno, and car enthusiast Leno together into one. Leno has always been my favorite late-night talk show host, and here he still enjoys talking to people. Of course, most people enjoy talking to people about their passions. I rather enjoyed his first episode, but I have to say, I’m not crazy about cars. It’s interesting, and Jay is the perfect entertaining host. It’s worth a watch.


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Vegas Chef Prizefight (FoodNetwork) Rated TV-G

A group of chefs competes to win a position at a Las Vegas casino. Starring Anne Burrell, Scott Conant, and Julia Helton.

While watching this series, we are under the ordinance to stay at home during the Coronavirus Pandemic. I feel for whoever wins this because months after this is filmed, Vegas has shut down due to the Pandemic. The chef is probably out of a job, especially with a new restaurant. Although that is what is on my mind during the episode, there are other things about the show that makes me think this isn’t the best reality show. The show relies on showcasing other restaurants on the Vegas strip. That is the most enjoyable part of the show. I’ve never been a fan of Anne Burrell – nothing against her personally, I just haven’t seen her in a good light. Seeing her host the show doesn’t make me want to tune in. This show doesn’t have much to offer that’s different from other reality cooking shows. It’s not worth a watch. 



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