Hap and Leonard (Sundance) Rated TV-MA

Hap and LeonardStraight-laced Hap Collins spent time in prison in the 60’s rather than be drafted in the Vietnam War. Leonard Pine, a Vietnam vet, is Hap’s best friend. When Hap’s ex-wife shows up with a get rich plan, things turn bloody.  Based on the stories by  Joe R. Lansdale. Starring James Purefoy, Michael Kenneth Williams, Jimmi Simpson, Pollyanna McIntosh, Neil Sandilands.

I’ve checked out the TV shows on Sundance for a few years, and I must say Sundance excels at both film and TV shows. The cast is strong and the story is darkly humorous.  Like the 1980’s Texas backdrop, this show has an slow, easy pace, allowing the story to unfold comfortably without feeling rushed. It is worth a watch.


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