Imposters (Bravo) Rated TV-14

imposters-bravoCon artist Maddie is as beautiful as she is dangerous. In her wake, she leaves her targets robbed of both their money and their hearts.  However, when she leaves her latest mark, little does she know that other former marks are after her. Starring Inbar Lavi, Brian Benben, Katherine LaNasa.

A well-developed concept with an interesting premise, this show follows Maddie as she adopts different personas in order to capture the hearts and pocketbooks of her marks.  Unexpectedly, it is a comedy, and while it does have some humorous aspects, what makes it engaging is the ever-changing lead character. Definitely one of the better shows this season, Imposters has fantastic writing and a plot line that keeps the viewer on his toes, wondering who the good and bad guys actually are.  The actors are equally fabulous, especially Lavi with her many transformations. This show is worth a watch.


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