The Split (2018) Rated TV-MA

A family of female lawyers must face their past when their dad, who has been absent for thirty years, comes back. Starring Afolabi Alli, Barry Atsma, and Fiona Button.

The premise of this show starts intriguingly as each sister seems to have secrets and struggles with the past. However, as the story unfolds, it’s too predictable. The affairs and the characters’ downfalls just don’t fit the bill for a show I’d want to watch. I was really hoping that Nina and her husband would act as the moral compass of the story, but sadly, I don’t believe they are – especially when everyone else seems to be losing it. This show isn’t worth a watch.

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3 Responses to The Split (2018) Rated TV-MA

  1. Keith says:

    You obviously didn’t bother to watch very much. First off “Starring Afolabi Alli, Barry Atsma, and Fiona Button.” is an oddity as Alli has about 6 words to say in the entire series of 6 episodes and Fiona Button is the third sister, consequently not at the top of the list of ‘stars’.

    Nina is the second, unmarried sister – the moral compass you were obviously hoping for would have been provided by Hannah, the eldest sibling, and husband Nathan.


    • laurarachel4 says:

      Most of my reviews are based on the first episode of shows. I don’t always watch the full season. As to the order of the actors it was done alphabetically. I’m glad that you got more out of the show than I. 🙂


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