Replicas (2018) Rated PG-13

A scientist is obsessed with bringing back his dead family. Starring Keanu Reeves, Alice Eve, and Thomas Middleditch.

The premise of the film is interesting, and if it were executed right, it would be an awesome film to watch. This is one film that missed on all points. I think it’s supposed to take place in the distant future. The sci-fi aspect of the film doesn’t make sense; the cloning, replicas, and the androids just aren’t explained well – it doesn’t even make sense most of the time. The acting is even horrendous, including Reeves. It’s like all the actors were androids before the script told them to be machines. The script has too many plot holes that aren’t completely explained. They try to explain them, but they’re not fully explained – and it’s partly because they don’t have answers for everything, so they just left it out rather than explain in full detail. This is a film that is not worth a watch.


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