No Sleep ‘Til Christmas (2018) Rated TV-14

A bartender and a businesswoman can’t sleep, but they realize that when they are together they can. Starring Odette Annable, Dave Annable, and Charles Michael Davis.

This is one of the cute Christmas films that Freeform, previously ABCFamily, puts out every year.  Granted, the plot is a little wishy-washy. A woman in a committed relationship who can’t sleep finds someone that she can sleep next to. There wasn’t much of a story for the current relationship she’s in, and while she has chemistry with the partner that she sleeps next to, there is little to understand why other than sleep that would cause her to fall for him. It’s just a cute rom-com. It’s not real life, and she changed her mind about which man she wanted. She didn’t have an affair, which the other reviews believe she did. The plot doesn’t go deep into her relationships with either party. To me, it’s more of an adult film with adult jokes compared to other television rom-coms. I like the chemistry with the married actors, Dave and Odette Annable. They were cute and workable. Davis is just one of those actors that’s pleasant to watch. I don’t think he has a mean bone in his body, which makes him lovable. I would date him. I do wonder what the married couple would do if this was real life. Overall, it’s an adorable film with cute jokes that’s worth a watch. 

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