Mila Kunis

 Black Swan (2010) Rated R

In director Darren Aronofsky’s psychological thriller, ambitious New York City ballet dancer Nina Sayers lands the lead in “Swan Lake” but soon thinks her dreams of stardom are threatened by a rival ballerina. As opening night nears and the pressure to be perfect builds, Nina’s obsession descends into paranoia and delusion.

 The Book of Eli (2010) Rated R

Determined to salvage a sacred text to protect humanity, Eli  goes on a quest across the country in this action-packed sci-fi adventure. Meanwhile, a blind woman named Claudia tries to protect her daughter, Solara. It seems that tyrannical town bully Carnegie has taken a shine to the girl.

 Family Guy (1999) Rated Tv-14

In Seth MacFarlane’s no-holds-barred animated show, buffoonish Peter Griffin and his dysfunctional family experience wacky misadventures, from kidnapping the pope to being forced to put up scythe-bearing Death for a few days after he breaks his leg. The family includes Peter’s long-suffering wife Lois, dim-witted son Chris, homely daughter Meg, world-domination-plotting baby Stewie and talking dog Brian

 Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) Rated UR

After his TV star girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, breaks his heart, Peter wants nothing more than to enjoy his vacation in Hawaii. But there are two big problems: No. 1, Sarah’s vacationing at the same resort; No. 2, she’s bringing her new beau.

 That ’70s Show (1998) Rated Tv-14

Feel groovy with this hit sitcom set in 1970s suburbia, where teenager Eric Forman and his pals hang in his parents’ basement, listening to (not-yet) classic rock and indulging other, ahem, hazy benefits of ’70s culture. While he woos girl-next-door Donna, Eric hangs with his best friend Hyde, exchange student Fez, and lovebirds Kelso and Jackie.

synopsis by Netflix.

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