Last Man on Earth (Fox) Rated TV-14

last man on earthIn the year 2020, the world was wiped out with a deadly virus, with Phil Miller as the last man on Earth. How will he survive? Starring Will Forte, Kristen Schaal, January Jones

The first half an hour of this show is a slow burn of boredom. Knowing how bored Phil is I can only imagine but for him to share that with me for half an hour is beyond me. I don’t need to see it. There is no point to this show except for blowing things up and making a mess. There is no thought process to how to counter act his mind that blowing things up are funny. The idea is there, it’s intriguing, what would it be like as the only man left on the planet but I don’t find wasting resources as funny. I would rather watch the comic Y: the Last Man than this. Which desperately needs to be released as a TV show. It’s a pass for me.


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