The Captive (2014) Rated R

The CaptiveEight years after an 9-year-old girl disappears, some incidents occur which show she may still be alive. Formerly titled Captives and Queen of the Night. Starring Kevin Durand, Alexia Fast, Mireille Enos, Rosario Dawson, Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Mireille Enos as the grieving and guilt-ridden parents hold this film together.  They give a riveting portrayal as parents of a missing child.  The story is intriguing, but the writing leaves much to be desired.  Constant flashbacks are difficult to distinguish from current time, making the story confusing at times.  Many questions are left unanswered about what happened over the eight-years their daughter has been missing.  Still, the movie is effective in grabbing our attention and emotions.  I think it is worth a watch.



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