Tut (2015) Rated NR

tutA miniseries about King Tutankhamun’s reign. Starring Ben Kingsley, Avan Jogia, Sibylla Deen, Alexander Siddig, Kylie Bunbury, Peter Gadiot, Iddo Goldberg, Nonso Anozie, Alistair Toovey, Steve Toussaint, Kaizer Akhtar, Geoffrey Burton, Leon Lopez

When I first heard about this miniseries, I was excited to see how his story would translate onto the screen, given how little we know about him.

As with many of the recent historical miniseries I’ve encountered, this one also takes too many liberties with the facts.  I was hoping for some truth, accuracy, or new insights, but there were hardly any to be found in Tut.

They do take what little we know Tut’s story to frame the film: A sickly child that married his sister, Tut had powerful people surrounding him, vying for power. Whether he had control of them and his kingdom is hard to tell.  There is so much mystery that surrounds both his reign and his death, and this film did not shed any new light on the matter.

Beautifully shot, with equally beautiful actors, Tut simply lacks depth needed to engage its audience. It’s a pass for me.


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