Beat Shazam (FOX) Rated TV-PG

Teams race to name songs the fastest to win a million dollars. Starring Jamie Foxx, October Gonzalez, DJ Irie.

A modern take on “Name That Tune,” this show is fun to watch. It’s crazy to see teams guess songs after only two seconds of playing time. I did find it distracting to have a DJ playing the songs, though; I guess every game show needs a beautiful woman for a sidekick. Also, I normally love Foxx, but I found his comments bordering on racist. Granted, he is African American, but the way he teased the only African American team about their knowledge of black music artists was really off-putting. If a white man had been hosting the show, it would have been canceled. It was enough to make the show a pass for me. It’s not worth watching.

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