Music City (CMT) Rated TV-PG

A group of musicians tries to make it big in Nashville. Starring Jackson Boyd, Rachyl Degman, and Alisa Fuller.

The only positive thing about this show is that it seems to revolve around a single character, Rachyl Degman. Degman is married to an artist, and the couple juggles the two worlds they live in. All the other characters seem to revolve around this central couple. The negatives of this show far outweigh the positives. Music City is supposed to be a reality show, but from the get-go, it shows no sign it’s a reality. The stories are contrived, and the acting is bad. In fact, the acting is so bad that you can tell it’s scripted rather than unscripted, which is the basis for a reality show. What makes it worse is that the characters/actors aren’t relaxed or natural; they’re uncomfortable with the script. This is a show that just isn’t worth a watch.


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