Affectionately Yours (1941) Rated NR

A married reporter is used to traveling the world and flirting with the women in every port, but when he’s in Lisbon working on the latest female, he gets word that his wife wants a divorce and is seeing another man. Heading home to stop the divorce and fix his marriage, the girl he was flirting with follows him home. Starring Merle Oberon, Dennis Morgan, and Rita Hayworth.

The film is a screwball comedy. Mr. Mayberry, the reporter, tries to make his wife jealous of his current fling and even tries to hoist his fling on his wife’s love interest. This isn’t a new film; there are lots of movies out there with a similar story and theme. Although Oberon, Morgan, and Hayworth make the film enjoyable, it isn’t very well-written, acted, or directed. The film is not worth a watch.

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