The Makeover (2013) Rated TV-PG

The_MakeoverHannah Higgins loses the congressional race and decides to make over an everyday man to run when the man who won has an accident. Based on the story Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. Starring Julia Stiles, David Walton, Camryn Manheim

I love the story Pygmalion and I love the musical My Fair Lady. This film is very reminiscent to the story but I wasn’t able to feel or watch this couple fall in love. It just seemed to happen without really getting to see that. I do realize that was how My Fair Lady and Pygmalion is but somehow I wanted to see that. I almost wished they didn’t use politics in this film. I would have like to see them use something else as a reason for the makeover. Over all, the movie stayed true to Pygmalion, which consoles me.


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