The Red Tent (2014) Rated NR

The story of the twelve tribes of Israel is told through the eyes of Jacob’s daughter, Dinah. Based on the book by Anita Diamant. Starring Minnie Driver, Iain Glen, and Will Tudor.

There are good points to this movie and bad points to this movie. One good point is that the film does portray women of the Bible more clearly than other films. However, what it doesn’t talk about is the prevalence of God. Jacob’s life revolved around God, yet that isn’t mentioned throughout the film. I did enjoy the story of Joseph and Dinah’s coincide together, but we get little of Joseph’s story. Of course, this story is Dinah’s, not Joseph’s. There is little information about Dinah’s life, and she is only mentioned briefly in the Biblical story of Jacob’s family. The performances were good, and I did enjoy how they used what they knew of Dinah’s story and turned the story on its head. This miniseries is worth a watch.

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