Top Elf (Nickelodeon) Rated TV-G

Santa transports 7 kids to the North Pole to compete for Top Elf in creative competitions. Starring Ashley August, Nataliz Jimenez, and David Magidoff.

This is a cute game show for kids, and while each of the kids is creative in their home life, the show doesn’t explore their more creative side. The games that each child participates in are creative, and it’s obvious that the kids have full rein on what they are creating. Each child is paired with an adult elf that helps with the adult machines. However, I felt that the all the adults were overly positive to the children’s decisions and projects. When the judges were judging, there wasn’t too much negative questioning or feedback. I’m one that doesn’t want to discourage any child, but I also believe that too much positivity allows the child to fall a little higher and harder. It was painful to watch the removal of a contestant, but they were rewarded with presents. This show is not worth a watch.

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