Christmas for a Dollar (2013) Rated PG

During the depression, a family struggles to celebrate Christmas until their father brings home a dollar for each to spend on presents. Starring Brian Krause, Nancy Stafford, and Danielle C. Ryan.

This film is brilliantly made. The writing is not the best as it tends to lay on the simple side of conversations. A number of times, the children talk more like adults than kids.There were a lot of abrupt scenes that don’t carry the story along at an even pace. The acting is not on par, and the production is not the best. It doesn’t give off that depression-era feeling. Most of the time, the characters and sets all look too much like an up-to-date version of the story, rather than a true depiction of the era. The premise of the story has a very warm Christian feel, but I did question their morals. In the end, they all come together and forgive each other, making this film worth a watch.

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