The House on Seahorse Bay (2019) Rated NR

The Colemans inherit a beach house on a tropical island. Sixteen-year-old Lucy convinces her dad to rebuild the place, and, along the way, they learn about her late mother. Starring Andrew Buckland, Fabrice Chaperon, and Anthony Coleman.

This film is a lovely family film. It’s a story that brings a family together, and they learn that they need each other. Of course, there were a couple of things I struggled with. First, the teenage daughter really takes over the family as a surrogate mother. The father, on the other hand, is like the absent-minded professor. It’s almost like he isn’t aware that he is a father and needs to take care of the family. He also doesn’t seem very smart about anything, which makes me wonder how the mother, who is like the daughter, would be attracted to him. Overall, the film is clean family fun, but I would say it’s not worth a watch. 

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