9/11: The Legacy (2021) Rated NR

 The stories and healing in the eyes of the children who were impacted on 9/11. Starring Ada Rosario Dolch and Heather Ordover.

This film interviews children that have been affected by 9/11. They interviewed children who lost a parent and also some of the children affected when they had to evacuate the high school they were attending. They told their story as they struggled with the loss or the stress they were under on that day. The filmmakers also interviewed some of the students at the school President Bush was visiting. It’s interesting knowing that these terrorists continue to affect these children, as the damage they caused has a ripple effect. While they each have interesting stories, I don’t want to think that their stories are the be-all and end-all of the legacy of 9/11 – but they are the next generation to remind us all what we lost that day. This film is worth a watch. 


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