Snow 2: Brain Freeze (2007) Rated NR

 It’s three days before Christmas and Nick has fat reindeer, he forgets his wife’s Christmas dinner, and after his fight with his wife, he walks through a mirror and gets knocked in the head causing amnesia. Now Sandy, Nick’s wife, must track him down in order to save Christmas. Starring Tom Cavanagh, Ashley Williams, and Lynley Hall. 

The first film, Snow, was a delightfully comical story of Nick Snowden finding his wife. This film expands on the story, except that this story is a little more farfetched. It’s almost like they tried to bring back the original three main characters again and see how that worked. I still question why the character Buck is back, not that Patrick Fabian doesn’t makes a great evil hunter, but to me, there is absolutely no need to have him come back. The story is cute, but the idea of Sandy running around the city looking for her husband just doesn’t make an hour of film. I also struggle with the idea that Sandy would allow Buck to help her after what he was capable of in the last film. Doesn’t she remember what he is like? It was just last year, which every character comments on. Overall, the film is an innocent fun watch but just doesn’t hit like the delightful first film. It’s not worth the watch. 

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