Cinderella the Reunion (2022) Rated NR

Twenty-five years after the production of Rodgers And Hammerstein’s Cinderella TV movie the creators come back and talk about the filming of this movie. Starring Jason Alexander, Veanne Cox, and Victor Garber. 

Like the film, I was not impressed with this TV special. The actors all come together and talk about the usual enjoyment of filming together. They mostly talk about the diversity of the film and how wonderful that is. I remember this film and was not impressed with the diversity or the actual storytelling. For the most part, diversity was not a problem. Brandy was a wonderul Cinderella, but I think logically and there is no way a black woman and a white man could produce an Asian man. Biologically that is not possible, and that is where I draw the line with diversity. That makes the film hard to grasp and also makes the special laughable. This is not worth the watch. 

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