Emma (2009)

Rated NR

I’ve been on another Jane Austen kick. Every six months or so I’ve got the hankering for watching any Jane Austen film-preferable Emma or Pride and Prejudice. This film is the newest version of Emma that’s been made and I have watched this version not once or twice but at least a few times. And with each time I put it on I’m hoping I will grow to love it, that hasn’t happen. I do enjoy it though, I just can get past the beginning.  This film follows the book by Austen closer than I have seen, saying that, the beginning starts with the telling of the back story of  Emma, Jane Fairfax, and Frank Churchill. After that wonderful back story comes the older Emma and Mr. Knightley. Now, Mr. Knightley looks astonishingly good to be thirty-six years old to Emma’s twenty but they are both so immature I want to slap them. Where is the solemn Mr. Knightley who gives Emma her talking to but instead we have Jonny Lee Miller, who jokes with Emma. And Emma doesn’t seem to have a brain cell. I do still pop this in to watch when I want to see the story but for the love of Jane Austen I enjoy the other Emma’s better.

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