Ron Livingston

 Band of Brothers (2001)

Rated NR

Based on Stephen Ambrose’s best-seller, this Emmy-nominated miniseries profiles the men of Easy Company, the airborne infantry regiment that parachuted into France on D-Day, fought the Battle of the Bulge and captured Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest. Drawn from journals and letters — and punctuated with interviews with veterans — the drama underscores the extraordinary fear and unflagging bravery that made these soldiers heroes.

 Dinner for Five (2001)

Rated NR

It’s a casual interview with a distinct non-interview flavor; it’s a free-flowing discussion that taps into America’s love of reality programming; it’s unusual, funny and informative; it’s Jon Favreau’s dining with friends. Each episode of this unique show features four of Favreau’s celebrity friends joining him at the dinner table for a frank discussion of the acting industry, the movie business in general and of celebrity, in particular.

 Holly (2006)

Rated R

In this poignant drama, Holly, a young Vietnamese girl sold into prostitution by her family, tries to escape her dismal life by beginning a platonic relationship with a 40-year-old American named Patrick, a stolen-artifacts dealer. Twelve-year-old Holly has been smuggled into Cambodia, becoming one of countless children exploited in the sex trade; Patrick, who has his own troubles, may be her only hope.

Standoff (2006)

Rated NR

As the top-ranked team in the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Unit, Matt Flannery and Emily Lehman should be able to talk themselves out of just about any situation — and they can as long as it doesn’t involve their personal lives. When Matt, however, lets it slip that he and his partner are also lovers — raising eyebrows among their colleagues and boss — things get dicey for the pair in this Fox drama.

 Winter Solstice (2004)

Rated R

A previously self-contained widower living in the drab suburbs of New Jersey faces a domestic crisis of sorts when he’s forced to confront his younger son’s self-destructive behavior and his older son’s decision to assert his adulthood by leaving home.

synopsis by Netflix.

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