Expedition Impossible (ABC)

Rated TV-PG

Expedition Impossible is the combination of The Amazing Race with Survivor. In fact I felt it was more of a rip off  of The Amazing Race than anything else. It takes teams of three to carry out tasks in remote locations (Survivor). To me, it is nothing like Indiana Jones. I don’t care that it’s a race in the outback, it’s still a race that reminds me of the Amazing Race and I prefer The Amazing Race.

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3 Responses to Expedition Impossible (ABC)

  1. the doctor says:

    I’ve been reading your review and I have to say they get better with every new one you do. My only suggestion is you flesh them out. Just a little more. You leave me with unanswered questions. Like this one you didn’t say how many teams there are. How far they have to go, what are the basic rules, Air date, premerie date so ppl know how long its been on. Just give some details on the important stuff.
    I like the Indiana Jones reference.

    • laurarachel4 says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I will keep that in mind. I do think of my reviews as a little tidbit for people to figure out whether or not to watch a movie or show. For that reason I try not to give away too much information so the people watching could enjoy the show. Although, I will work on this. Thanks.

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