Twelve Wishes of Christmas (2011)

Rated TV-PG

A woman whose life is falling apart goes to a life coach to try to set her life on track. Instead she gets 12 wishes to help get her life straighten out but be careful what you wish for. Starring Elisa Donovan, Gabrielle Carteris, Fred Willard, David O’Donnell, Sarah Thompson, Michael Gross

Oh, boy. This wasn’t a bad film, just annoying. The woman doesn’t know what to wish for so she starts wishing for things she doesn’t need. She’s so annoying that every time she wishes makes her all the more annoying. I want to scream at her though the television set. She’s extremely selfish, even when she seems to be making wishes for other people. She’s also unintelligent enough for the wishes. She doesn’t think about the consequences of her actions before hand. Of course, she redeems herself by the end of the movie but not before I want to strangle her. Watch at your own risk.

Also known as 12 Christmas Wishes for My Dog.

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