A Princess For Christmas (2011) Rated TV-G

A woman who has custody of her niece and nephew gets invited to a castle and falls for the prince. Starring Katie McGrath, Roger Moore, Sam Heughan

I loved the concept to this film but it fell through so many times. Katie McGrath, who is so cute but over acted and was too dramatic. The script had holes and was too predictable that it couldn’t be enjoyable. The movie is too sentimental for its own good. A Princess for Christmas is too rich and sweet to watch.

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  1. itallmattersforever says:

    Don’t be so serious… This is a fun, nice, clean celebratory movie that encompasses a delightful relationship between an aunt and her niece and nephew. Sam Hueghan is it superb actor and so easy on the eyes And Katie McGrath is it gorgeous actress. It’s a lovely movie to share with your children at Christmas time.

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