John Ford

 The Informer (1935) Rated NR

Victor McLaglen delivers a harrowing performance as Gypo Nolan, a roistering brute during Ireland’s 1922 Sinn Fein uprising, who fingers friend Frankie McPhillip to collect a reward, then promptly fritters away the money on one night of revelry. After British troops kill Frankie, the Sinn Féin proceeds to even the score with Nolan.

 The Grapes of Wrath (1940) Rated NR

In this towering classic of American cinema, common man Tom Joad leads his family on a harrowing journey from the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma to the promise of a better life in California. Based on John Steinbeck’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and masterfully directed by John Ford, the stirring drama also stars Oscar winner Jane Darwell as Ma Joad and John Carradine as the fallen preacher Casy.

  Tobacco Road (1941) Rated NR

Poor but proud farmer Jeeter Lester, the patriarch of a sprawling Georgia clan, tries to fend off eviction and protect his family during the Great Depression in this classic from director John Ford. Lester’s pride drives him to refuse several offers of help, but his lazy lifestyle and equally shiftless relatives do little to help raise enough money to pay the rent in this comedy based on Erskine Caldwell’s famed novel.

 The Quiet Man (1952) Rated NR

John Wayne hangs up his spurs to star as bachelor ex-boxer Sean Thornton in this endearing classic. Back in his native Ireland, the Duke’s thoughts turn to domestic tranquility after courting the lovely Mary Kate. But her brother  may need to have some common sense knocked into him — literally — before the deal is done. The film won two Academy Awards, including Best Director.

 The Horse Soldiers (1959) Rated NR

Academy Award-winning screen legend John Wayne stars as Union cavalry Col. John Marlowe in acclaimed director John Ford’s dramatic interpretation of real-life Civil War events. Marlowe and his military cohort Maj. Hank Kendall are ordered behind Confederate lines to sabotage enemy war efforts. The action is nonstop as blazing gunfire, battlefield romance and disagreement in the ranks pepper the soldiers’ mission.

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