Bakhita: From Slave to Saint (2009) Rated NR

Based on the true story of Josephine Bahkita. It tells the story of Bahkita, a girl who was kidnapped by slavers until she was rescued by a rich Italian and brought to Italy. Once in Italy she becomes a nanny to the Italian’s daughter. It’s in Italy that she first learns about Jesus and where she wants to become a nun. Starring Teresa Acerbis, Ettore Bassi, Federica Bau, Fatou Kine Boye

This film is beautifully filmed. Giacamo Campiotti knows how to tell a story. Although, this film lacks in the facts of the story but what it does tell, it tells perfectly.  In fact, they construed the story so much it isn’t the real Bahkita. The story still tugs on your heart-strings and teaches us what Christians should be doing with their lives, loving people. It’s worth a watch.


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