Under The Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story (2010) Rated G

under the boardwalkThis is a documentary on the classic board game, Monopoly. Starring Zachary Levi, Philip Orbanes, Ken Koury, Hank Azaria

I know, how boring can that be. I have to say that the infectiousness of the people who love the game keeps you entertained. I, for one, love the game, not as much as the people interviewed in this film but all the same. It was nice to hear the history of the game and that there is strategy to the game. I’ve always just played it and I’ve always loved playing the computer/video games to the real board game due to my lack of wanting the interaction that this game requires. Which I’ll add is what attracts the gamers to the game. This film is just a great intro to the game, if you aren’t as attracted to the game as others you’ll find this history a little boring.

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