Looper (2012) Rated R

looperIn the future, a time machine has been invented and the only people using it is the mob. They send people back in time that they want eliminated. Loopers want in the current year to get the job done. When a loopers job is done their future self is sent back to be eliminated. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Piper Perabo, Noah Segan, Jeff Daniels

Although, this isn’t a bad film, it does have its plot holes. It’s also very predictable. Too predictable. I knew what needed to be done to fix the problem of a runner in half way though the film. So, in that sense it wasn’t enjoyable. What’s great about this film was Joseph Gordon-Levitt, his acting was top-notch and his makeup was amazing. He didn’t look like himself. Even with all the holes and it’s predictability this is a good sci-fi/time travel film.

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