Knock Knock Live (FOX) Rated TV-NR

knock knock liveA reality show where celebrities knock on the doors of unsuspecting families to hand out prizes. Starring Chuey Martinez, Ryan Seacrest

To start out, I know that this show has already been cancelled, which doesn’t surprise me. However, it’s been a busy couple of months, so I am just now writing the review.

There are a couple of problems with this show: 1) How does the show keep it secret that these families have been selected? (Hint:  they don’t.) You can see their windows covered with paper; why would families do that unless they were aware that someone/something was outside?  I mean, it’s impossible to be oblivious to the big production crew and props outside your house, taking over your street.  2) Two, these families were a bit too excited.  Their over-zealous demeanor also indicates that they have been tipped off. This show was definitely a pass for me.

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