Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea (2012) Rated PG

amazing LoveDuring a youth camping trip a confrontation breaks out and the leader breaks out the story of Hosea. Starring Sean Astin, Elijah Alexander, Kenton Duty, Patty Duke

This movie is a typical Christian film. The acting lacks even with the big hitters, Sean Astin and Patty Duke. I must say, I did enjoy seeing them on-screen together. Love, when family comes together but that’s besides the point. This film is a story within a story film and the overlapping of the two stories worked great together. I especially loved the story of Hosea, it’s one that isn’t told enough. This film sets out to tell God’s amazing unconditional love for us and it does. It’s perfect in storytelling. I would recommend this just for that reason. It’s a watch.

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