New Shows This Fall on TV 2014

Fall 2014


 Madam Secretary (CBS)

Tea Leoni plays a former CIA agent whose former boss, now the president of the United States, asks her to take on the role of Secretary of State after an accident claims the life of the office’s previous occupant. Using her no-nonsense, unconventional attitude toward politics, she shakes things up in Washington, D.C. while also juggling her home life as a wife and a mother. Premieres: Sept. 21st.

 Mysteries of Laura (NBC)

This lighthearted drama brings Will & Grace and Smash actress Debra Messing back to the small screen as Laura Diamond, an NYPD homicide detective who spends her days cleaning up the streets and the rest of her time cleaning up after her rambunctious twin sons and soon-to-be ex-husband. Premieres: Sept. 17th

 The McCarthys (CBS)

A loud-mouthed, sports-crazy Boston family is at the center of this multi-camera sitcom based on the life of series creator Brian Gallivan. But what happens when the patriarch asks the resident black sheep to be his assistant basketball coach? Madness! Will there be a “you throw like a girl” joke? Premieres: Oct. 30

 Gotham (Fox)

Described as the origin story of future Gotham police commissioner Jim Gordon, Gotham is Fox’s effort to get in on TV’s comic-book craze. Southland and The O.C. alum Ben McKenzie stars as Gordon, a fresh-faced police detective whose life begins to change when he and his partner, the brash Harvey Bullock, start investigating the murder of the parents of none other than a young Bruce Wayne. However, the noir crime drama isn’t just about Gordon’s rise through the ranks of Gotham City’s PD; it also promises to tell the origin stories of several DC Comics’ villains, including Catwoman, the Penguin, and the Riddler. Premieres: Sept. 22

 Constantine (NBC)

One of many comic book adaptations this season, Constantine is based on the DC Comics series Hellblazer. Welsh actor Matt Ryan stars as the titular John Constantine, a seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult who abandoned his campaign against evil after failing to save a young girl’s soul from hell. However, he’s pulled back into the fight when the balance between good and evil somehow winds up on the line and an angel named Manny tells him to man up and get his act together. Premieres: Oct. 24

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