One Christmas Eve (2014) Rated NR

One christmas Eve

The first Christmas of a recently divorced mother of two tries to make the holiday one of the best without the father’s presence. A long the way, there are a series of  mishaps. Starring Anne Heche, Kevin Daniels, Carlos Gómez

This is one Christmas eve where everything that can go wrong does. It starts as a usual Christmas eve but than a puppy shows up and it seems that chaos in its wake. This is definitely a movie that parents would want their kids to watch to see how bad luck a dog can be. At least that’s what I was thinking throughout this movie. It is a cute Christmas movie and even with all the disasters, some of which doesn’t make sense. Take for instance, the older daughter refusing to get help because she doesn’t have a coat but she is already outside in an unheated construction site. That made me think so typical sibling refusing help but not realizing that it would be best for themselves to help. It also made me laugh at the ridiculous of all these situations. Although, we all have nights like this, where nothing goes right. It also made me think what next for this family. It’s a wonderful Hallmark Hall of Fame. Well, worth a watch.


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