Paper Angels (2014) Rated NR

Paper AngelsTwo families, whose lives are in turmoil,  have their worlds overlap in this holiday film. Starring Matthew Settle, Rustin Gresiuk, Josie Bissett

This film uses the paper angel trees from the Salvation Army as a back drop to the story. At first, I was the usual, a commercial in the movie frustration but this actually works. It fit the storyline that they (the filmmakers) were trying to tell. There was also use of the typical clichés of a holiday movie with an abusive home and cyber bullying. All these storylines fit into the story, flawlessly. They didn’t seem out of placed or forced in to tell the story. It’s a theme about families working through their problems to make a better life. It’s a great story that interweaves these two families with neither one aware of how their lives are affect the other. This is one film that I think should be watched every Christmas. It truly does bring out the best of the season.



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