The Christmas Shepherd (2014) Rated NR

christmas shepherd

A widow of a veteran, owns a German Shepherd that her husband brought home from a tour. One day the dog runs away and she spends days and weeks to find the dog, only to find that the dog has a new home. Starring Teri Polo, Martin Cummins, Jordyn Ashley Olson

I really struggle watching shows with animals. As an animal lover I struggle with seeing them in pain and hurt. Yes, I know that this is all fake in movies but my emotions run high during these films. The film does not showcase the dog but yet it revolves around the dog and it’s two families. This film is a hallmark Christmas film, so there is romance in the air. I thought that it was a cute hallmark film, even with the added reality storyline of a lost dog with two families and how to handle that, it was a little unrealistic. Although, what romantic comedy is really realistic. Even the romance was little off-putting but it was a cute Christmas tale. I wouldn’t throw this film out the window but I’m not sure it’s a classic either.


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