Belle (2013) Rated PG

belleA mixed race daughter of a navy admiral, was raised by her aristocratic great-uncle in 18th century England. Based on a true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle. Starring Matthew Goode, Lauren Julien-Box, Natasha Williams, Penelope Wilton, Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

A story of love, being true to who you are, and the history of slaves in the U.K. all rolled into one film. There is lots of missing history in this film, or rather lots of misdirected history in this film. Dido’s husband was never considered a gentleman. He wasn’t a lawyer, he was a preacher’s son. We don’t know how involved Dido was in the abolition of slaves or whether she even was. This film is mostly inspired by a picture of Dido and her cousin,  Lady Elizabeth Murray, which I must say would have me question a lot about it. Since that is the basis of the film and nothing historical, I would say this is a very good movie. Watching, Belle, struggle with where she belongs was understandable. Not knowing where she stood in society was a focal point of the film. Thus making the movie one to see.


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