The Returned (A&E) Rated TV-14

The Returned

A small town is turned upside down when people who were presumed dead return. Based on the French series, Les Revenants. Some episodes are rated TV-MA. Starring Kevin Alejandro, Agnes Bruckner, India Ennenga, Sandrine Holt, Sophie Lowe, Mark Pellegrino, Jeremy Sisto, Mat Vairo, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Tandi Wright, Dylan Kingwell

Thankfully, this show isn’t as gory as the French version. The American version examines both the psychological and physical effect on family members as they meet their lost loved ones again.  In the first episode, a teenager returns home after being deceased for four years.  The parents’ reactions are perfectly expressed and captured, immediately grabbing my interest and setting a compelling tone for the series.   It also explores questions about the hereafter (where have these people been?) and the what now (how does their return change the lives of those around them?)  Although I am not usually a fan of remakes, this one has something special about it that is worth checking out.



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