The Royals (E!) Rated NR


A drama that centers on  a fictional royal family. Starring William Moseley, Alexandra Park, Jake Maskall, Tom Austen, Elizabeth Hurley

I was quite surprised  by this series. I thought it would be a tabloid version rip off the Royal family or at least poke fun at their foibles, but it doesn’t.  Instead, the writers re-imagine headlines from true events in the lives of the Royal family.  After seeing the first episode, I understood why E! renewed the series before the premier was televised.  It has enough youthful angst to garner a teen following and enough sordid drama to appeal to soap opera lovers. I don’t expect it will last more than two seasons, although E! is known to extend shows well past their due date.  If you are an Elizabeth Hurley fan or a royal wannabe, I would say check it out, but for me personally,  the content really isn’t my cup of tea.


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