For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) Rated UR

for whom the bell tollsDuring the Spanish Civil War, an American allies with the Republicans to blow up an important bridge. Along the way he falls in love. Based on the novel For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway. Starring Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman, Akim Tamiroff

I am surprised at the popularity of this film. Between its decisive moments, I found myself yawning at its intolerably slow pace.  Even the love story failed to interest me, as it seemed highly implausible that two very unlikely people would fall in love with just one look.  I admit, their scenes together do tug at the heart strings, but I never could figure out what they saw in each other.

What does make the film entertaining is the supporting cast:  Akim Tamiroff as Pablo, the man who has fought in the past and wants nothing more to do with killing, and his wife, Pilar, played by Katina Paxinou, who no longer understands her husband but encourages the love blossoming between Robert and Maria.

Because it is a classic, I can’t say it’s not worth a watch; I just don’t see how it gained all the accolades.

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