Dishonored Lady (1947) Rated NR

dishonored LadyMadeleine Damien is the fashion editor of a top magazine by day and a party girl at night. When her lifestyle brings her to the brink of a breakdown, her psychiatrist advises her to quit her job, move to a small flat, and change her name. In doing so, she meets the man of her dreams, but then her past comes back to haunt her. Starring Hedy Lamarr, Dennis O’Keefe, John Loder

This film really doesn’t pick up until Madeleine moves to the flat and falls in love with a man who knows nothing of her true identity.  On top of that, she is falsely accused of murder- in the last half hour of the film.   This was a twist that I did not see coming, and it felt very out of place with the rest of the storyline.  It was too much too late, when the issue of her identity was still unresolved.  The rushed and convoluted ending made it a miss for me.


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