Boom! (Fox) Rated NR

boomBoom! is a game show adapted from an Israeli series. It’s a quiz show where three contestants answer questions to defuse a bomb.  When they answer incorrectly, Boom!,  the bomb goes off. Starring Michael Bellavia, Tony Fleury, Matt Laydon

The concept is both interesting and slightly disturbing, given the source of its adaptation.  Unfortunately, the production fails to deliver.  The pacing stunk.  First, they take too much time for the countdown each time a contestant goes up.  Then, and most annoying of all, the host explains the concept of the bomb .  . . to each contestant.  I mean, really?  We got it the first time; it doesn’t need to be explained over and over again throughout the episode.  I’m sure each new contestant is made aware of the rules before they show up on the stage, so there is no need to re-hash them for our benefit.  Too much time is wasted during this show.  It is not worth a watch.


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