Geeks Who Drink (SyFy) Rated TV-14

geeks who drinkBased off a trivia game played in bars across the country. Hosted by Zachary Levi.

The game show is perfectly paced; there is not much lag time between rounds or questions. There are two teams of three people, each with a celebrity captain, and each contestant gets a chance to answer questions. The winning team wins prizes and money, but what prizes and how much money isn’t specified.  Also, I am very curious whether or not the celebrity captains get anything in return for appearing on the show, other than the obvious self-promotion.

The bar set is incredible, but I do question whether everyone on the show is drinking responsibly, or if the producers even encourage drinking responsibly. Even so, it is a fun show to watch, and I haven’t seen any contestants have so much to drink that it’s embarrassing to watch. Perhaps they cut those scenes out, though.  It’s worth a watch.

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