Just The Way You Are (2015) Rated TV-G

Just the way you areA matchmaker who has been married for 15 years feels her marriage has lost its spark. So, she and her husband try to rekindle their romance. Starring Carolyn Adair, Michael Antonakos, Rukiya Bernard, Candace Cameron Bure

What I love about this film is that the couple realizes that they are in funk and they try to revive their marriage. The husband seems to be a little- no, a lot- reluctant. She sets up rules that she gives to the couples she hooks up, but her husband seems completely disinterested, which frustrated me.  I wanted him to be emotionally involved in the process of “dating” his wife. Instead, he remains indifferent until the very end, when he surprises her with  a gift. This left me wondering if he truly loved his wife or just did it to please her. I would recommend this film for a good representation of working on a marriage, but it’s not the best film. It’s still worth a watch.



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