Worst Cooks in America (Food Network) Rated NR

Worst cooks in AmericaTeams of recruits with poor culinary skills go through cooking boot camp to win prizes. Starring Anne Burrell

I just started tuning into this show, and it is hilarious! I almost think that these contestants are making their skills even worse than they truly are. Seriously, do people really not know how to do basics in the kitchen? Anne Burrell, one of the kitchen coaches, adds humor to each situation, although I do think she is unfair at times. She seems to have her favorites, even to the point of eliminating contestants who don’t fit into her inner circle.  It almost feels like the producers have pre-determined who the winners will be.  Even so, it is so funny that I can’t help but recommend it, even if Anne Burrell is not one of my favorites.  My only wish is that I could eliminate her 🙂  This show is worth a watch.



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