Valentine Ever After (2016) Rated TV-G

Valentine ever afterWhen a couple of socialites go away for a cushy weekend they end up in a bar brawl and working community service at a ranch. Starring Autumn Reeser, Eric Johnson, Vanessa Matsui

Autumn Reeser has become a hallmark staple in their movies. In this film she is her fresh self in the film but I have to say this isn’t one of the better hallmark films. Both men in the film lacked chemistry with her. Damon Runyan played her fiancé which he did a fabulous job at playing the rich millionaire who only cares about himself. Thus making the chemistry between the two characters strained. Add in the other man who vies for Reeser’s attention, Eric Johnson. He on the other hand didn’t have much chemistry at all. Here you wonder if they even like each other let a lone if they are falling for each other. Hallmark films rely on chemistry and story. Here they have a wonderful story but lack the chemistry. This film is not worth a watch.

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