Fever Ray: Dry and Dusty (2013) Rated NR

Fever Ray Dry and DustyA short music video that tells the story of the struggle to create life the way you want it. Starring Thira Thira.

I have never liked electronic pop, but I watched this music video because a lot of people recommended it as a good short.

It was beautifully shot. The lyrics are not as profound as I would have expected. “I am a capsule of energy, You speak softly, We are capsules of energy.” What does that mean?  I do get the last verse about us all being workaholics who long for more in their lives, but overall, I still am not sure what Karin Dreijer Andersson meant to convey through her lyrics.

I don’t agree with the idea that anyone can interpret the work of another however they like. Art should have a meaning behind and not be created arbitrarily for the beholder to decide its meaning. So, although it is beautiful to look at, my creative conscience cannot let me recommend it.  It is not worth a watch.



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