Rock This Boat (2015) Rated TV-PG

rock this boat

A reality show, following fans of New Kids on the Block, on their yearly cruise. Starring Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood

This is a fun little reality show, that follows the crazy fans of NKOTB on their cruise. These fans are crazy but then who isn’t a crazy fan with the celebrities they love. It’s interesting to see what they will do to get a hold of the New Kids but I rather would love to see the background of what goes into the cruise and the protection of the singers. A fan, is a fan but how do they plan this cruise and what goes into New Kids decision-making of planning this cruise. Since we only get to see a glimpse of each New Kid on each episode which doesn’t pacify the fans at home that get to watch what goes on these cruises. Which probably work to their favor with more fans signing up to go. If you are a fan, I think you’ll rather enjoy the antics of the fans and hope to catch a glimpse of your favorite New Kid. You’ll catch the boat on POP channel the new TV Guide channel.

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